Ripping DVDs to Windows Home Server with Smoothly

Summary:The easiest way to copy DVD to Windows Media Server for devices streaming conveniently.Windows Home Server (WHS) enthusiast. 

Windows Home Server is a central device capable of managing multiple PCs and files across a home network. WHS-specific functionality such as DLNA support and media streaming will be folded into Windows Server Essentials 2012, a product aimed at small businesses and priced starting at $425. Windows Home Server 2011, the current version of WHS, will be available for most most people until 2013, and computer manufacturers can obtain the software to create new devices until 2025. Now, more and more people are getting to use Plex, NAS and other server devices. But there are still many people insisting on Windows Home Server. Many tutorials on Google teach you how to rip DVD to NASDVD to Plex, now, let's instruct you how to copy DVD to Windows Home Server. 

Searching high and low online, I finally got some tips and ticks for getting all DVDs into Windows Home Server. To get DVD collection to Windows Home Server media server, what you need to do is to rip DVD into Windows Home Server Media Server friendly format like MP4, WMV, etc. first. There’s all kinds of different software out there (some free, some not) with a variety of different options. Among them, I found a Pavtube ByteCopy for Windows/Mac and can be taken as a powerful DVD to Windows Home Server converter software to rip copy-protected DVD to Windows Home Server-compatible format with a wink, and even extract MP3, WMA, FLAC, OGG, etc. audio from DVD movies.

What's more, Pavtbe ByteCopy can convert DVD with multiple subtitle and audio tracks in MP4/MOV/AVI format and rip DVD to lossless MKV with all chapter markers.


Other Download:
- Pavtube old official address:
- Cnet Download: How to Copy DVDs to Windows Home Server?

1. Import DVD to Pavtube ByteCopy.

Click "Load file" icon on the top left to load the DVD disc.

Read: Top 5 Reasons to Copy DVDs and Best DVD Copy Software

2. Choose Lossless MKV with chapter markers.

Under "Format" menu, there are lots of video formats. Go to find "Multi-track Video" option and choose "Lossless/encoded multi-track MKV (* mkv)" because it will contain chapter markers in output MKV.Of course, you also can choose multi-track MP4 for WHS.


1. If you want to convert DVD to other video formats or portable devices, just choose the video format you need or select portable devices in the dropdown list.

2. Click "Settings" to enter Multi-track video profile window; switch to "Video" and find the "Encode" box which is unchecked by default, so if you want a lossless MKV copy, do not touch it. The switch to "Audio", check wanted audio track; so does the "Subtitles".

3. Start conversion.

Click big "Convert" button to start DVD to WHS conversion. It won't take much time for conversion and then you will get lossless MKV once completed. Hit "Open" button you will go to location of generated files.

After the conversion, open output folder to locate the files. Then you can transfer the media to WHS for devices streaming. Learn How to Set Up a Home Media Server You Can Access From Any Device

More features in ByteCopy:

* Full Disc Copy can 1:1 backup the whole Blu-ray/DVD disc with original structure including chapter markers.
* Directly Copy will backup 100% intact Blu-ray main movie with all the multiple tracks excluding menu.
* Contain all the features of Blu-ray Ripper: rip and convert latest Blu-ray/DVD to various video formats for playback or editing, edit the video before conversion including trim, crop, effect, etc, add *sst and *ass subtitle into video part and so on.

Good news for you: To save your money, Pavtube Special Offer offers various product bundles, such as:
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Top Reviews About DVD Storage for Small Places

Summary: Here sharing 5 creative 5 ideas about DVD storage with smaller space to free up some space in your room. Read it and you will find the way you like. 

DVDs are one of those things that has always bugged people when it comes to storage. They seem so slim but as your collection grows your storage space seems to simultaneously shrink. How to organize them to free up some space to collect more DVDs? Any idea about shrink DVD stroage space? Now, this articles is shareing 5 creative ideas about DVD storage for small places. 

5 Perfect DVD Storage Ideas for Small Spaces 

DVD storage idea #1. Store DVD with DVD Sleeves 

Here’s what I do when we buy a movie. First I pull the DVDs out and put them in a sleeve. There are 2 slots in the sleeve so if there’s a Blue Ray version and a non-Blue Ray version I can keep both of them together. I also keep movies like Cars 1 and Cars 2 together in the same sleeve. Then I pull the paper cover out of the original DVD case and cut it to fit the sleeve. I like to save the front cover of the DVDs because it makes it easier to identify the movies when you’re looking through them.Slide the cover into the sleeve, then slide the DVD sleeve behind it and you’re done! 


DVD storage idea #2. Store DVD on DVD Wall 

I am absolutely in love with our new DVD wall. We had to clear a closet to make room for our expanding family. Now the coat closet in the living room is actually a coat closet and no longer home to our DVD collection. I haven't decided yet if I am proud or ashamed of how many DVDs we own, but it looks awesome either way! We used shelf brackets from Home Depot, and we used 1x8 wood planks instead of buying the cheap shelves they have in that section of the store. This was a pretty easy project. The most tedious part is staining the wood, but I always feel that way about any project. 


DVD storage idea #3. Store DVD in DVD wallets 

I trawled the internet looking for inspiration and came across some DVD wallets. They were not like the CD storage I had used in the past, but instead handily incorporated the Movie artwork aswell. I found that by using these wallets my whole movie collection fits into a basket! I'm currently searching for a better basket to house them, this one is a bit flimsy but it will do for now. 


DVD storage idea #4. Store DVD under bed 

Trunk beds offer a lot of room for storing stuff. So, why not make use of it to store your DVDs? It can keep quite a lot of DVDs. Put them into the drawer under your bed, and then those bulky DVDs will be out of your sight. Now, it's time to enjoy your small but tidy room. 


Best DVD storage idea. Store DVD content to hard drive, portable storage devices, cloud service, NAS, etc. 

You don't need to allot space to store DVD discs in your small house if you store DVD content to hard drivethumb drivecloud serviceNASexternal hard drive and so on. It is not only the most effective way to save home space, but also an economical and easy way to manage your DVD libraries. And all you need to do is to rip the DVDs to digital files with a DVD ripper. There're many good DVD rippers in the market, some are free, and some are paid. If you have both home-made and commercial DVDs, you're recommended to give Pavtube BDMagica try. 

Learn >> Pavtube BDMagic main features 

How to use BDMagic to Copy DVD to Storage Devices? 

Step 1: Load DVD disc to the software 

Insert your DVD disc into your computer DVD drive, then launch the program, from "File" menu drop-down list, select "Load from disc" to import source DVD disc movies to the program. 


Step 2: Select output format 

Storage device usually supports storing almost all kinds of video formats. However, when linked to a device for playing, the video format should be accepted by the device such as smart TV, computer and tablet. So you are required to figure out the exact input video formats supported by the device you are to play the DVD video with. For portable devices including Android tablets, MP4 is recommended since it has wide compatibility with multiple players, good video quality and small file size. For TV, MPEG format is so far accepted by most brands. You can choose any video format in “Format” bar according to the DVD playback device you will use. 

Step 3: Backup DVD to NAS, flash drive, hard drive, etc 

Carry out the DVD ripping process by hitting the right-bottom convert button to start to copy DVD to various storage devices at ultra fast speed. 

Important tip: 

Since DVD disc is subject to damage in use, you'd better make a digital copy. By doing this, you can keep your precious movie/video safe, carry the content when you're out of home, play the content on computer without disturbing DVD drive and DVD disc, watch them on iPhone, iPad, Android and more. Besides, after having a digital copy, you can choose to ditch space-consuming DVD discs. Obviously, it can be regarded as a good DVD storage idea. 

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Rent Angelina Jolie Movies on DVD and Blu-ray on Netflix

The divorce news put Angelina Jolie in the spotlight hotspot again and make some people want to review her movies again. If you didn't collect Angelina Jolie movie before, renting Angelina Jolie movies on DVD and Blu-ray on Netflix is a nice idea. Below are Angelina Jolie's most popular movies. You can directly click the picture to online rent them on Netflix. 

By the Sea

Mr. & Mrs. Smith



The Bone Collector


Girl, Interrupted

In the Land of Blood and Honey

The Tourist



Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

Beyond Borders

Alexander: Theatrical Cut

Taking Lives

Cyborg 2

George Wallace

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

How to Make a Digital Copy of Netflix DVD for Storing and Collecting

We spend money but we don’t own the movie indeed. That’s a pity. Therefore, somebody just wonder if we can copy the rented Netflix Angelina Jolie DVD/Blu-ray and put it away. Sure, you do. You can remove the copy-protections on DVD with?Blu-ray/DVD Ripper?and store the rips to your hard disc, NAS, personal cloud storage, server, external hard drive and other storage devices. In this case, you can own the Angelina Jolie Netflix DVD/Blu-ray forever in the form of duplicates. Below lists the specific guide to instruct you how to rip and backup Angelina Jolie Netflix DVD/Blu-ray to storage devices.

To reach the above goal, a DVD Ripper is a necessity.?Pavtube BDMagic (review) is a top-ranked DVD Ripper in this field. Its key features are shown as below:

  • With decent decrypting capability of removing CSS Copy-protections and DVD?region codes?including the latest Netflix DVD discs
  • Rip Netflix DVD to H.265, M3U8, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, FLV, 3GP, FLAC, MP3??and other video/audio formats
  • Has optimized preset for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android Phone/Tablet, Microsoft, TV, etc while converting Netflix DVD
  • Copy the entire disc in original file structure with all subtitle tracks and audio streams preserved.
  • Save 100% intact VOB main movie from your Netflix DVD Disc without any quality loss.
  • Allows you to decide the video/audio bitrate, frame rate, size, codec, sample rate, channel during DVD ripping process
Free download and install:


Other Download:
- Pavtube old official address:?
- Cnet Download:?

Learn: Copy Netflix DVD/Blu-ray on Mac

Step 1. Load Netflix Angelina Jolie DVD/Blu-ray movie 

Click “File” > “Load from disc” to load Netflix Angelina Jolie DVD/Blu-ray movie. 

Step 2. Choose MP4 as output 

The playback devices like iPads, laptops, smart TVs, game consoles, Apple TV, smartphones and tablets support playback MP4 video files. So you can target MP4 as output from DVD movies. Click the format bar to follow “HD Video” > “H.264 HD Video (*.mp4).” 


Tip 2. The unique ability that this DVD ripper has is that it can rip both DVD and Blu-ray sources with multiple audio and subtitle tracks, chapter markers preserved. For instance, you can rip?DVDs to multi-track MKV?for playback with the VLC player.Step 3. Rip Netflix Angelina Jolie DVD/Blu-ray to MP4 

Hit the “Convert” button to start ripping Netflix Angelina Jolie DVD/Blu-ray movies to MP4 format for free. 

Now, you can keep your Netflix Angelina Jolie DVD/Blu-ray movies forever. 

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Ripping DVD to Nexus 7 to Playback

Summary: Follow this tutorial to learn how to rip and convert DVD to Google new Nexus 7 supported video formats so that you can play DVD movies on new Nexus 7 anytime, anywhere as you like. 

Google NEW Nexus 7 is currently the most popular Android tablet I think, because of its ultra-high configuration and cost-effective. The Nexus 7 (2013) display is the showstopper with a 1920 x 1200 resolution that translates into about 323 pixels per inch. Want to take your favorite DVD movies with this new device for watching on the go? 

However, you can't transfer DVD movies on Google new Nexus 7 directly unless you convert DVD to new Nexus 7 supported video formats. The article here mainly shows you how to download and put DVD movies on Google new Nexus 7 for smooth playing while keeping the best HD video quality. 

It's easy to do this with some help from a third-party DVD to new Nexus 7 Converter. DVD DVD Ripping Software varies. You may confused about choosing a most suitable tool. If so, i highly recommend you try Pavtube DVDAid. It is easy to use for editing and conversion and makes great quality copies of my DVDs. To be honest, the program can help you rip DVD to new Nexus 7 highly supported MP4 video files with high output video quality and fast ripping speed. The audio/video synchronization is very good, the size of the subtitles too. The equivalent Mac version is DVDAid for Mac. Read the Top DVD Ripper for Android. 

Free download and install: 

Other Download: 
- Pavtube old official address: 
- Cnet Download:

Just download it now and follow the steps below to copy DVD movies to Google new Nexus 7 for smoothly playing in just a few mouse clicks! 

FYI: If you want to keep all the audio tracks (language) and soft subtitles, here's another choice for you: DVD Converter Pro. 

How to Convert DVD to new Nexus 7 supported video formats 

The quick start guide below uses DVD Ripper Windows (Windows 8.1/8/7 included) screenshots. The way to rip DVD movies to new Nexus 7 on Mac is almost the same. Just make sure you get the right version according to your computer operating system. 

1. Add DVD movies 

Launch the top DVD Ripper for Nexus, add your DVD files from your computer's hard drive by clickinig the "DVD disc" icon. ISO/IFO image files and DVD folders are also supported. 


2. Select the suitable output video format 

Here I recommend you choose "Google Nexus 7 H.264 Video (* mp4)" from "Android" category. The profile is specially designed for new Nexus 7 and supplies full-screen playback. If you like, you can click "Settings" to change the video encoder, resolution, frame rate, etc. as you wish. 


3. Start to rip DVD videos to new Nexus 7 MP4 

The last step is to press the big "Convert" button on the right to start converting DVD to new Nexus 7. The conversion takes a few minutes, if you don't have time to wait, you can choose "Shut down computer after conversion". Then your computer will be turned off automatically after the conversion is finished. 

After conversion, you can click "Open" to locate the output videos. Then you can transfer videos to your tablet through a USB and enjoy DVD movies on Google new Nexus 7 wherever you are. 

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Convert HD/4K movies on your Samsung Galaxy A9

Handbrake doesn't let me put videos on Galaxy A9 because it has no specific profile for this gadget, so is there any good Galaxy A9 video converter recommended to me? By the way, that offers pretty decent quality, doesn't stick the logo on my videos and it converts all of the videos to Samsung Galaxy A9, not just half of it. Thanks a lot.


Solution: Owning to the popularity of Galaxy A9, Samsung Company has zoomed to the top global mobile phone provider. One of the reasons that make Samsung Galaxy A9 so fantastic is that it is the most wonderful phone for on-the-move video enjoyment. But the limited video formats supported make Samsung Galaxy A9 impossible to play all videos. In the case, you'd better search for a reliable Galaxy A9 video converter to get video converted to Samsung Galaxy readable formats. Prior to the video to Galaxy A9 conversion, let's have a look at this media player supported HD/4K audio/video format. 

As a standard-bearer in the field of video conversion, this Galaxy A9 video converter program provides you a more fantastic digital experience with your Samsung Galaxy A9 device since it supports converting WMV, FLV, MOV, AVI, MKV, MP4, M2TS, etc. videos also to Samsung Galaxy A9 playable format on Mac running system. The specialty of this best video converter for Galaxy A9 is the built-in profiles made for each type of Samsung gadgets, making it stand out among other similar software at present. 

What is Advantage of SAMSUNG GALAXY A9 (2016) Specifications? 

Network GSM 3G HSDPA with 4G LTE 
LCD 6 inches 
Processor Quad-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A72 & quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53 
Memory Internal 32 GB 
External memory using MicroSD maximum 128 GB 
Camera Quad-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A72 & quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53 
Front Camera 8 MP 
Fingerprint Sensor 
Operating System Android Marshmallow version 6.0.1 
Battery Li-Ion 5000 mAh 

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate Deluxe not only can burn videos to DVD, but also can convert among various videos, such as converting AVI to HD/4K video to iPad 2, AVI to ipad 3, convert MPEG to iPad 3, FLV to iPad 2, MKV to iPhone, WMV to Zune, DVD video to Android phone and so on. 

Free download and install 

Other Download: 
- Pavtube old official address: 
- Cnet Download: 

How to Use this All-in-one 4K & HD Video Converter? 

Note: Please make sure that all the HD/4K video Converter are just for personal use. 

Step 1. Add movies resources 

Insert your movies into your computer drive. Launch Converter, then click on the “Load” button in the upper left of the program’s window, next select your DVD drive in the “For Folder” dialog box and click “OK”. The program will read and load media contents on the plastic disc in a few seconds. 


Besides discs, the program also can load and convert folders, ISO files, IFO files from hard drive for Samsung Galaxy A9. 
By clicking the dropdown list of “Subtitles”, you can select your preferred subtitles while viewing your DVD movie on Galaxy A9. 
If you want to merge titles into one large file, return to the main interface and select two or more titles you want to combine, then check the “Merge into One File” option at the bottom of the main interface. 
Click the “Setting” button to specify a destination folder. 


Step 2. Select output video format for Galaxy A9 

Click the “Profile” drop-down menu and select the output video format as .MP4(H.264/MPEG-4). Certainly you can also pick other video formats that Samsung Galaxy A9 smartphone supports like M4V, AVI, WMV, 3GP, 3G2, etc., you can go back to learn more Galaxy A9 supported formats. 

In addition, you can also directly choose preset video format for Galaxy A9 from “Samsung > Samsung Galaxy ″, the output videos could fit on your Galaxy A9 perfectly. 

Tip: You can also click “Settings” to change the video encoder, frame rate, resolution, etc. Remember the file size and video quality is based more on bitrate than resolution which means bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss. Go back to get the best settings. 

Step 3. Start the Video/movies to Galaxy A9 conversion 

When you have finished all the above settings, you can simply click the “Converter” button on the main interface and let the software do the HD/4K to Galaxy A9 conversion for you. After the conversion, click “Browse” to locate the converted movie files and then transfer them to your Galaxy A9 for watching anytime anywhere. 

The More Features About the Tool:
  • Unique Features of this HD/4K Converter:
  • Use Advanced De-interlaced Accelerator to achieve better image quality.
  • Use High Quality Engine to better output resolution.
  • Use Intelligent A/V Synchronizer to solve video and audio not synced trouble.
  • Multi-Core CPU and Hyper Threading Technology supported: up to 15x real time HD Video
  • Converting and DVD Burning speed.

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    4K Video on PC or Mac : If you've got some 4K Ultra HD videos, this article will give you the best 4K Ultra HD Video Converter to Convert/Compress 4K Videos on PC or Mac in a simple way. 

Ripping DVD to Synology DiskStation playing on TV

Summary: In this article will show the tutorial take the DVD to Synology DiskStation DS1513+ play on Smart TV. 

Network-attached Storage becomes more and more popular among people for data storage. Those files that can be stored on a NAS drive are unlimited as long as they are of any existing file forms like email boxes, Web content, movie, music, pictures remote system backups, and so on. Generally speaking, a NAS drive will have at least 1 TB storage capacity. As its name implied, the NAS unit is connected to home network for saving and serving file. Also, you can share and watch files from NAS on multiple computers, TV, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, or other devices. In addition, comparing with traditional file sever, NAS has advantages like easier administration, faster data access and simple configuration.

Some current best NAS servers for your reference: Asustor AS-604T NAS server, Synology DiskStation DS712+, WD My Cloud (4 TB) , LaCie 5big NAS Pro (10TB), QNAP TS-469 Pro NAS server, WD My Cloud EX4 (16TB), Synology DiskStation DS1513+.

To put DVD onto Synology DiskStation DS1513+. At first, we have first decrypt the DRM protection on commercial DVDs, and then covert DVD to a proper format that is playable on most devices. Playback DVD movies to Smart TV, like Apple TV, iPad, iPhone or other media players as you like? But one problem is how to copy DVDs to Synology DiskStation DS1513+ ? MP4 is generally accepted by almost all media players. Someone prefer to rip DVD to Smart TV for putting on Synology DiskStation DS1513+ drive as IOS can reserve menus, multiple subtitles, audiotracks, but IOS can be viewable on a very small amount of devices. So my suggestion is saving DVD to Synology DiskStation DS1513+ with MP4 format.

Then if you are a DVD fan and have loads of DVD collections, so you should Pavtube DVDAid - a powerful tool to put those DVDs onto Synology DiskStation DS1513+ drive for backup or watching them on your Smart TV. Mac user can be Mac version.

Free DVD to Synology DiskStation DS1513+ tool :


Other Download:
- Pavtube old official address:
- Cnet Download:

The Steps of rip DVD to Synology DiskStation DS1513+ playing Smart TV 

Step 1. Go to download the DVD Converter, which includes everything you need to rip the vast majority of DVDs. Then launch DVD Converter. Insert your disc, click the +DVD button and navigate to your DVD drive on PC. Then click .

Step 2 : Choose Smart TV output video format

If you wanna rip DVD to your needed file types, you need specify a format as output format. Click on the dropdown menu of “TVs” to “Samsung TV” or “Sony TV”, and then choose your needed one from the multiple output format presets. You can rip DVD to MKV, MP4, MOV, WMV, or rip DVD to Synology DiskStation DS1513+ for playback on iPad, iPhone 7, PS4, Nook HD, Galaxy Tab S3 and more other portable devices you can think of.

Step 3: Rip DVDs to Synology DiskStation DS1513+ movie on Smart TV 

Once the above mentioned steps are finished, you can click “Convert” button to copy DVD movie to either the hard drive of your PC, or to your portable devices, like iPad Pro 9.7, Apple TV 4, Kindle Fire HDX, Nexus 9, etc.

When the copying/ripping task is completed, you can click “Open” button to get the ripped files of DVD movie. Then, you can play those DVD on Smart TV, share DVD with your families anywhere you want.

Now, It will be great if you put DVD to Synology DiskStation DS1513+ on tablets or smartphone for Kids at Summer Holiday, and then enjoy the movies at anytime, anywhere.

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DVD movies on LG ULTRA HD 4K TV : an easy method to rip DVD to LG ULTRA HD 4K TV supported format, and then you can play DVD with higher UHD resolution.

DVD to Davinci Resolve 12 : DVD can be edited through the Davinci Resolve 12? How to load DVD to Davinci Resolve 12 with Best Settings? In this tutorial, you can find the answer.

DVD to PowerDVD 16 via TV : The new PowerDVD 16 release other new features that the latest version of its popular media playe, and also support for Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. The next tutorial will show you how to play Ultra HD Blu-ray on PowerDVD 16 via TV, to enjoy the Ultra HD Blu-ray bring your Visual enjoyment.

DVD to Galaxy Note 6 : Wanna to Importing DVD ISO movies to Galaxy Note 6 Edition for enjoyment on the move? Follow this awesome user guide to convert DVD ISO to Samsung Galaxy Note 6 for playback.

DVD to Samsung Galaxy J3/J5 : Some tools like DVD Ripper, which can help us remove DVD copy protection and extract Samsung Galaxy J3/J5 Compact supported digital video from DVD discs.

Read More Related Pavtube Software: 

Pavtube ByteCopy : the best Blu-ray/DVD to Lossless MKV solution, is a powerful program with the ability of backing up Blu-ray/DVD collection to multi-track MKV without quality loss, ripping BD/DVD movies to MP4 and MOV with multiple audio streams, and converting BD/DVD from hard discs to virtually any popular video and audio format so that you can freely watch movies on Apple iOS devices, Android OS devices, Windows RT/Pro devices, HDTV, 3D TVs, PSP, PS4, PS3, Plex, WDTV Live, Roku 3 and more devices. In recent update, ByteCopy can support ripping Blu-ray/DVD movie to H.265/HEVC MP4 with better video quality compared to H.264 MP4 in same profile presets. At the meantime, this multi-track Blu-ray/DVD converter can be considered as a user-friendly movie editing tool with the professional functions to trim, crop, merge, insert subtitles, export srt/ass/ssa subtitles, add video effects in the destination movie.

Pavtube BDMagic : convert 2D Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and standard DVD to SD, High-Definition formats or even create 3D videos with excellent video/audio quality in fast conversion speed. This BD/DVD to video workaround could output various video and audio formats, like H.265/HEVC, MKV, MP4, MOV, DivX, AVI, MP3, FLAC, etc so you can make a duplicate copy for your video collection, or share movies on numbers of popular media players,like Apple media devices, Android smartphones and tablets, Windows media players, various smartphones and more. Besides, you can easily customize Blu-ray DVD collection to export desired movies in your own patent.

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate: The best BD/DVD/Video solution for Windows users to backup BD/DVD, compress disc and transcode video clip to almost all popular video and audio formats. This Video Converter Ultimate can be regarded as BD/DVD backup workaround to copy the entire disc content from hard disc to computer drive and save a complete BD M2TS/DVD VOB movie without extras; it can also be used as a Blu-ray/DVD ripping tool to compress your Blu-ray and DVD collection to H.265/HEVC, MP4, MKV, M4V, AVI and play on iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Windows phones, game consoles, HD media players, and more.

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Backup DVD to Drobo 5n NAS on Mac OS X 10.11

As a DVD collection owner, you would you like to sharing your owned DVD to your friend and want to store them to your Drobo 5n NAS hard drive for more convenient playback. For thousand times you tried to to copy the DVD files to Drobo 5n NAS. 


The Drobo 5n NAS is just a big file storage and you may find that just copying the DVD files to Drobo 5n NAS directly is a pain to try and play with a media streamer. The all-in-one solution (software wise) to take the DVDs and put the DVD movies on Drobo 5n NAS drive for playing on most media streamers is to hoose a DVD to Drobo 5n NAS powerful third-party software for backup To rip DVD movies for Drobo 5n NAS on Mac. There are many DVD ripping tools for Mac on the market.PavtubeByteCopy for Mac is highly recommended to you. 

IIt is capable of ripping DVD to MP4, AVI, MKV for Drobo 5n NAS streaming with no quality loss in the fast speed, est of all, it allows you to copy your DVD/Blu-ray to NAS with original structure or main movie only for backup onto Drobo 5n NAS.And what I’ve learned is that MP4 would be one best target format for it is fully compatible with nearly all media devices including iPad, iPhone, PS3, Apple TV, etc. If you are running on WIndows, turn to windows version. Just download it and follow the steps below to learn how to do it. 

Free download and install: 

Other Download: 
- Pavtube old official address: 
- Cnet Download: 

Step 1: Load DVD files 

Run Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac, and load DVD files to it. You can click “DVD ROM” to load movie from DVD drive or “ISO/IFO” DVD ISO file. 


Step 2: Select output format for Drobo 5n NAS 
Click on the drop-down list at the opposite side of “Format”, and then choose “HD Video > MKV HD(*.mkv)” format. With this format, users can get best DVD entertainment on TV. 


With this tool, you can also get Blu-ray, DVD for enjoying on Lenovo Tablets and Apple TV. 


Tip: Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac let users control/customize output file quality. To improve video quality, simply click “Settings” and set video bitrate up. 

Step 3: Start ripping DVD to MKV video. 

Click “Convert” button to rip DVD to Drobo 5n/Plex media server, once the ripping task is finished, you can click “Open” button at the bottom of the main interface to get the output mkv file for storage on Drobo 5n and for enjoyment on TV via Mac Mini Plex media server. 

After the conversion, click Open button to find the output files. Make sure the wireless network connection is accessible among the Drobo 5n NAS and Apple TV, PS3, HD TV or other media players. Then just enjoy the high quality DVD movies anywhere anytime. 

For more movie entertainment, read this Pavtube Softwares Comparison review to get more multimedia tools. 

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