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Ripping children’s movie to all iPad Models for use in car

Each parent hope they can have more time to spend with their children to learning speak words, learn to walk or develop a good habit. I wanna give all the best things to my son. So I bought an iPad mini to him. Every time I drive while my wife can put ipad in the back seat, my son will be very quietly watching their favorite funny video or something. But, the big problem is that How to ripping children’s movie to iPad for use in car? 
Once, I shared this best solutions to the website and help most people to solve the problems “rip movies to ipad”. You can hold on reading...

Most of us wanna get the easy way and the software can rips blu-ray with ease. As a movie fan, there must be lots of DVD/BD discs was shelved. Now, you can use a strong childre’s movie ripping tool for stream these discs to your all iPad Models. Why not have a try? 
Part 1: The easiest way to rip Movies to iPad supported video formats so that you can watch funny movies with kids on iPad on the go. 
Step One: You can download a free trail of this program with highly website reviews: Children’s movie to iPad Models converter. You certainly have used free software “Handbrake” With unsatisfactory results. Read the following article and use the software you will have surprises. 

Step Two: Run Pavtube BDMagic, insert your files or BD/DVD disc to the BD/DVD drive. click the button to load BD/DVD files. Or you can click menu File > Add DVD to import BD/DVD movie . 
Note: Before ripping Movies, unfold Options in the right settings panel, set Audio Language to the one you would like the movie's sound to play in. You can also set subtitle language and angle.

Step Three: Choose output format from the profile drop-down list. Please go to the right panel of this iPad movie Converter, choose output format from the drop-down list for your iPad under Output Profile. 

Step Four: Start to movie to iPad Conversion. Click Convert button to start ripping Movie to iPad. Once the conversion is finished, you can click Output Folder button to get the output files. 
Part 2: Transfer the Converted Movies to iPad

Transfer the video file using iTunes. iTunes will “grab” the video file you made and transfer a copy of it onto your iPad. 

A. Plug your iPad into your computer, and open iTunes.
B. Drag the movie file onto the upper left part of the iTunes window, where it says “LIBRARY.” The movie will copy to the Movies area of iTunes.
C. If you haven't added any movies before, the Movies area will now appear in the list, near Music.
D. Select your iPad from the sidebar menu. You will now see an options screen for your iPad.
E. Click the “Movies” tab near the top of the screen, and check the box next to “Sync movies.”
F. Click “Sync”on the main screen to sync your iPad. The movie you dragged into iTunes will now sync to the iPad.
Source: How to sync converted videos to iPad Air , you can find how to sync movies to Ipad with few steps. 
Now you have successfully convert and transfer Chlidren’s movie to your iPad with the best movie to Ipad converter. Hit Videos icon on your iPad. There your movie is! Now, you can enjoy the movie on all iPad Models for use in car!