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Rip Blu-ray to WMV/AVI for playback on Computer or HDTV

Blu-ray is getting more and more popular for its large storage and excellent quality so that many people prefer watching Blu-ray movies at home. Here we will show you a tutorial about how to enable blu-ray for playback on Computer or HDTV. 
play blu ray on computer hdtv

Most of people are want to: 
To Backup blu-ray on computer 
To Watch Blu-Ray discs on the HDTV 
The reason: 

We want to transfer the blu-ray discs to WMV/AVI formats for save space and digitizing blu-ray discs collection is an ideal form of insurance against damage, theft or loss. In Addition, if you backup you can play blu-ray without loading discs on mobile devices.  
Is this currently possible, and, if so, how? Hold on reading...
Here, we recommend you a strong and professional program which can fill in your needs. This best blu-ray ripper can help you put the blu-ray discs for playback onto computer of HDTV. With Pavtube BDMagic, you can transcode Blu-ray backup (in .m2ts format) to particular format you need. 
The program is easy to use for editing and conversion and makes great quality copies of Blu-rays. 
Step-by-step guide:  How to encode Blu-ray to WMV/AVI for playback on Computer or HDTV?

Step 1. Download this best blu-ray to WMV/AVI converter, and lunch it. 

Step 2. Load Blu-ray discs with Blu-ray drive, Blu-ray folder, Blu-ray ISO image files. This program will help you analysis ISO files automatically so that there’s no need to run virtual drive to mount ISO image files any more. 
play blu ray on computer hdtv
Step 3. Click the “Format” menu, here you are suggested to choose “HD Video > WMV HD(*.wmv)”. 
play blu ray on computer hdtv
Tips: If you want to watch blu-ray to HDTV, you can choose the format as “HD Video > AVI HD Video (*.avi)”. 

Step 4. If you like, modify profile settings such as video size, bitrate, frame rate, etc to get optimized video and audio playback. 
play blu ray on computer hdtv
Step 5. Return to BDMagic main interface, and hit the “Convert” button to start encoding Blu-ray to WMV or AVI format. 

Once it finished this , open output folder, locate the created mkv file and you can transfer the converted files to HDTV’s drive via USB flash drive and you can play movies on HDTV. Then, Just have a fun of your Blu-ray movies. 

Benifit of convert Blu-ray discs

After converting Blu-ray movie to AVI format, you can playback the movie on computer since majority of media player can recognize AVI file. Rip the Blu-ray movie to WMV format for windows user, the Windows media player can support the WMV format. Decrypt Blu-ray to MP4 have more advantages, such as play and watch Blu-ray movie on multimedia portable devices. And iPad Air, iPhone 5S, PSP, Samsung Galaxy S5 are all delightful platforms for Blu-ray videos.
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