Welcome to my new website, my new blog about multimedia-era!

Multimedia makes our life become more and more colorful. Multimedia comes in many different formats. It can be almost anything you can hear or see. Just like the Pictures, music, sound, videos, records, films, animations, and more. Modern web pages often have embedded multimedia elements, and modern browsers have support for various multimedia formats. 

Do you like to enjoy these wonderful thing? When everyone addicted to 2014 World Cup, you are planning to share with many people or friends with you? Rather than to watch these on laptops by yourself with no good atmosphere. You can Consider downloading recorded 2014 World Cup soccer match and playback on your HD Media player. At this moment, you will have lots of problems and you can read this new blog and get more informations about multimedia. 

I will always sharing some new things and best solutions when you have lots of problems, struggle in format conversion, a newbie for multimedia, know less about multimedia, a movie lover, have large BR/DVD collections, all of you can read my blog and hope you have more patient. 

Here i will show you more details about multimedia: 
Multimedia Formats

Multimedia elements (like sounds or videos) are stored in media files.
The most common way to discover the type of a file, is to look at the file extension. When a browser sees the file extension .htm or .html, it will treat the file as an HTML file. The .xml extension indicates an XML file, and the .css extension indicates a style sheet file. Pictures are recognized by extensions like .gif, .png and .jpg.
Multimedia files also have their own formats and different extensions like: .swf, .wav, .mp3, .mp4, .mpg, .wmv, and .avi. 

Video Formats

MP4 is the new and upcoming format for internet video.
MP4 is recommended by YouTube.
MP4 is supported by Flash players and HTML5. 

Sound Formats

MP3 is the newest format for compressed recorded music. The term MP3 has become synonymous with digital music.
If your website is about recorded music, MP3 is the choice. 

In a word, hope this blog can help you a lot and thanks for everyone support me!